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Oct 3, 2012 10:30pm EDT
little bit more aggressive in cutting off mitt romney and giving obama a fair share of what he had to say. >> cnn had a debate timer. if their numbers are right, president obama actually got a little bit more time. >> it is probably because obama had a lot of pauses in his speech where mitt romney kept going and going. that is one thing i really did like about his speech is he kept moving on to the next point where obama was a something and pause for a while and then kept going. i really liked mitt romney's presence and how he kept moving onto the next point. i did like also how obama kept asking mitt romney about what his plan is. he never said what his plan is. he just kept saying he has a plan. >> thank you, peter. >> we are going to go to miami, florida. >> romney never gave me an idea on what he was going to do with obamacare. >> you have to hit the volume on your tv. are getting feedback. i am going to move on. sorry about that. next up is a republican from pennsylvania. >> i was very pleased with the debate. i thought it went well. i certainly do think that mitt romney came out
Oct 4, 2012 1:00am EDT
right now. >> do you think mr. romney gained some ground from this? >> i think a tree is known by the fruit it bears. i think he has flip flop of a lot of the issues he has gone through this year as far as campaigning. this health care plan than he got in place in massachusetts is pretty much a very similar plan, the same layout as the obama health care plan, yet he wants to repeal its. he does not want to repeal -- reveal what he will place a plan with. just basically stating what he wants to do but he has not given us a specific plan. if you are going to take the american people somewhere, you have to let them know where you are going to take them. how he is going to create jobs, there are cuts that will have to be made and he is not informing the american people. >> thank you very much. marcia in harrison, arkansas on the republican line. >> i was calling just to say that you all did a really good job tonight and i think both the republican and democrats looked good. the president and mr. romney did a good job. >> who did a better job? >> i don't know, i think it is a brawl. they b
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2